Cheap Rental Cars – 5 Tips for Saving Money on Your Next Vehicle Rental

No matter what your travel plans, there is no need to spend money on luxury rental cars. Unless it’s comfortable, secure, and decent mileage enabled, what more could anyone want? Whether you’re heading out of town for a weekend business trip, spending a few nights in a big city like Vegas, or going to the beach with your family, here are a few things you need to know to find a cheap rental car:

1. Don’t rent a car at the airport if you have no choice. Not often, it’s much cheaper to rent an “off-airport” site. Carefully compare the rates of different rental agencies across the city. Consider other transportation methods to get from the airport to your hotel until you are able to get to the rental car center.

2. Find out if you are eligible for a club / membership waiver. Lots of corporations have a company code that can be used to get travel related discounts. There are also allowances for club members, government employees, etc.

3. Beware of hidden fees. A contract may look great on the offer page, but after you start the checkout process, sales, “vehicle license fees”, “stadium fees” or any other reason could increase the price much more than the price you set. This is especially true for deals that seem to be “really good”, such as offers for “less than $ 20 a day.” Also, find out in advance if you need to return the car with the full gas tank, if you don’t you may be penalized. If it is needed, make sure it is full for you once you arrive.

4. Don’t read for “horror stories” The clerk will try to tell you to take out insurance. This is an unnecessary add-on for most drivers. All you have to do is call your own insurance company in advance and make sure you are already covered for rented cars. Some credit card companies also provide conflict coverage. However, if you are traveling outside the country, your auto insurance and / or credit card company will reduce your chances of providing you with international car rental insurance. In this example, you may have it included in your rental agreement.

5. Use the online price comparison tools to provide you with a list of all the vehicle rentals available at once for your planned travel date.


The ideal place to find and compare rental car prices is online. There are sites that help you find everything you need to convert from a pickup truck. If you don’t pick and want to check out some cheap rental cars, you’ll find plenty.