Japan Hotel Booking Review Rakuten Travel

Japan ranks as one of the most expensive countries in the world to visit. For travelers who plan a trip to Japan, you will surely notice what the costs are. But you can easily find the cheapest and cheapest and cheapest hotels (guest houses) in Japan, if you know which company to choose to book online for Japanese hotels.

Rakuten Travel Inc. is such a company where you can find discount hotel prices in most of Japan. These days almost everyone makes their own travel reservations through internet travel agencies. And they tend to target the best known companies out there with names like or But you will not find the best room prices with their services. Although they are reputable companies, they do not specialize in any region and their booking services are too general and do not focus on the Asian hotel market.

While Rakuten only deals with hotels and hotels. Therefore, whether you need an affordable business hotel in Kyoto or a rustic Ryokan in Osaka, you will find that its services are much more specialized.

Because Rakuten Travel specifically connects travelers to the Japanese hotel market, they can offer low current fares across the country’s 24,000 listings. Rakuten, which offers many accommodation options, makes it easy for travelers to find the right accommodation to suit their budget needs.

They can also provide hotel reservation services in China, Korea and Southeast Asia, with a total of 47,000 hotels. Although their rates for these regions are not as competitive, but it is certainly worth checking the price comparisons.

Is Rakuten Travel a trusted hotel agency?

Rakuten (created in 2002) runs the country’s largest online hotel booking website with 200 employees. They are also a publicly traded company on the Japanese stock exchange. With offices in Tokyo and Osaka, Rakuten is closely related to the country’s hotel industry. They manage almost 2 million hotel reservations a month. Today they partnered with All Nippon Airways to simplify travel planning to Japan.

How do you offer better rates than booking hotels directly?

Hotel reservation agencies like Rakuten are wholesalers in hotel rooms. Because they have a much wider presence on the Internet than any particular hotel, they are more easily found by travelers planning a trip to Japan. Since hotels, small or large, know that Rakuten can provide their property with a greater presence on the Internet, they associate themselves with Rakuten, offering them significant room prices. So whenever you book a room through their website, you receive these discounts.